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What’s on my Birthday List – Link Up!

A day late posting. We finally got the new parts for the drawer set from Ikea (three and a half weeks after our trip there). Chris wanted to go to Michaels (yeah…), he was looking for something and thought they might have it so, of course, I went with him and found some washi tape on sale.. like, really cheap – 79 cents per roll, normally $2.99. Anyways, this weeks What’s in my __ Wednesday is actually – What’s on my Birthday List. Corie‘s birthday is next week, so she thought this would be a perfect post. My birthday isn’t until October, but here are a few things I’ve got on my list.

1. Fossil Watch – Stella Multifunction Resin Watch in White
2. Windows tinted in car
3. American Eagle gift card
4. new tattoo
5. Vintage Pyrex :)
6. American Crafts – Cutup Cartridge Trimmer
What’s on your birthday list?

What’s in my Closet – Link Up!

This is the first link up post with Corie that I posted about here. I’m super excited to be a part of this and hope you all find it…interesting? Yes. I’m going to be documenting what’s in my ___ each week! Just like Corie, I’m nosy and like to see how other people organize, their storage idea, anything really. So what better way then to do this :)

I have to do a little behind story before you see the pictures of our closet. We moved in our new place 3 weeks ago and I haven’t had time to do squat. It literally looks like we just moved in. Working 40+ hours a week and coming home being EXHAUSTED doesn’t work when there’s unpacking to do. I’m definitely taking my time and going through everything – there’s a lot I need to donate and sort through. So, our closet makes NO sense. It’s a double closet but there’s only one door? You’ll see in the pictures below how awkward it is…

This is standing next to our bed looking in the closet. Yeah, it looks like a single closet. Which obviously isn’t enough room for 2 people. As you can see things have been “tossed” in the closet, just to get some things out of the way. Our room is smaller than what we had before we moved, so it’s an adjustment. That little table next to the door was the hub’s moms we got from her house – not sure what I’m going to do with it yet. It used to be in our bathroom.

This is from the left side, a look into the closet and you can tell it’s a little bigger than a single closet. So it’s not small.. but it is.
A look inside. Not sure what we’re going to do with this…. I can’t even get to it. What were they thinking when they did this? This isn’t all of our clothes – just what made it into the closet in 3 weeks :)
How would you organize a closet like this? Tips and ideas are welcome and much appreciated!

What’s in my ___ Wednesday – Link Up!

I’ve linked up with Corie at True Love & Football to do a “What’s in my ___ Wednesday”. Each week we will post what’s in our purse, beach bag, car, nightstand, etc. I will be joining her every Wednesday and posting what’s in my ___. This will start next week! If you guys have any suggestions about what you’d like to see  – comment below and we will make it happen! Here are some of the ideas Corie has come up with so far

Thanks for stopping by! :)