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update :)

So, we moved the weekend of the 15th and I’m still unpacking all of my stuff. After working all day and having school stuff to do, it really takes all of my time so I’ve only been left with some time at night and the weekends to unpack which hasn’t been a lot of time. So, I’m hoping everything will get completely unpacked and organized this weekend *fingers crossed*
My to-do list keeps growing and growing but as long as I can keep crossing things off I know things are getting done. With that said, I still have to finish week 5 (and post that…) and play catch up – that means printing pictures for about 4 weeks – luckily, I’ve been keeping notes of what I’m going to use for the weeks I haven’t been able to do PL so that’ll make it a little easier.

Hoping to get some things posted next week! :)


//edit: obv this didn’t happen. life has been getting in the way, although I’m trying to keep up with it and take pictures when I can!



PL layouts coming soon! / Erin Condren Life Planner

I’ve been working hard on getting caught up with my 2nd Project Life binder (July – Dec 2013). I’ve officially completed up to week 35 as of today and I’ve got pictures in up to week 48. I just finished the Fall semester at school, so that means I have a few weeks off before classes start again and I WILL catch up and be done with 2013 by the end of the month! Ready to start 2014 on time :)  I don’t have any binders OR pages yet so I need those to actually start the layouts – I’m hoping to get something for Christmas (both were on my list). So, on my to-do list this week is to start uploading pictures of my completed PL weeks – I’ll do a separate post for each week to keep it in order :)

Also, I will leave the Filofax category active and I’m not going to delete anything that I’ve posted for that. I have switched back to using my Erin Condren Life Planner (I had a feeling I would!). I was a dork, last week while I was home all week.. and filled everything in from my Filofax for when I wasn’t using my Life Planner haha so it kind of looks like I’ve been using it the whole year… but anyways, I found an awesome deal online and got my 2014 Life Planner for a lot cheaper than they are at full price. The only extras I got were personalized stickers – I want to get the marker pens and bands, but I’m going to wait until after the new year to order those. The expected ship date is showing Dec 26 and I got 2 day shipping soooo, I hope hope hope it will be here before Jan starts! :) I will do a post about it when it comes, it’s the first one I have since she’s added new features. This will be my 4th EC product and I am VERY happy with everything I’ve ordered from her site!

(1) 2012 Life Planner
(2) Wedding Planner
(3) 2013 Life Planner
(4) 2014 Life Planner

I’m also looking forward to maybe getting a notebook; we’ll see if there are any deals out there :)

on that note – it’s time for bed, I just wanted to write a quick post! Happy Holidays to all!



I’ve been MIA for over a month now and just wanted to post an update as to what’s been going on. After my last post, i got behind again on my videos and posts (obviously); I’ve been in and out of the doctor’s office for the past couple of months, all while trying to keep up with my posts/videos, and recently had surgery (on Nov 27) to have my gallbladder removed. I’m still recovering, slowly but surely.

I ended up selling my Filofax since I wasn’t using it as much as I wanted to. I’ve been using a new technique called bullet journaling – you can read about it here. I have a bunch of recipes I have to post on here that I will get to soon. I will continue to keep up with my Project Life and post the layouts here (I have some updating to do in this area too).

I bought the Project Life Core Kit I’ll be using for 2014 from Michaels last weekend with a 55% coupon. I got the 5th and Frolic one and love it! (photo is from eBay)



I’ll be posting as soon as I can :)

thanks for stopping by!