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I’m going to be changing some things on here and definitely wanting to get back into blogging. A lot has changed since my last post so now I’ll have the time to post. I won’t get into the story but let’s just say things are starting to look up for us! I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I want to write a little about the things I’m doing right now and what I’ll be blogging about without going into too much detail. But, feel free to comment and ask questions! :)

Project Life – I’ve decided for 2015 to downsize from a 12×12 album (it took 2 for one year the past 2 years) to a 6×8 album..which yes, will take more space pages wise (maybe) but I’m just going with the flow this year. I’ve finished all of my January layouts and finished with 5 pages (not counting the title page) which is 10 layouts total. It’s so much harder to work with the smaller pages and want to put SO much in the pages but I’ve noticed I’m not snapping pictures quite as much and just using the more important or funny things. I think over the past 2 years that I’ve done PL, I would just take pictures of things just to take the pictures and it didn’t matter why or what.

Planners – Sad to say, but after using an EC Life Planner for 3 years I’ve switched to the InkWell Press Planner. I was running out of room in the Life Planner so I wanted something with more space. I bought a Simplified Planner for 2015 (which I ended up selling) and used a Day Designer for about half of 2014 but it just wasn’t working. I came across the IWP Planner and fell in love, there was SO much space to write and there were different layouts, which is awesome! I ended up choosing the Flex Layout since my day’s aren’t filled with appointments/meetings. I’ve been posting my week “layouts” on the Facebook group and on my IG account, so I’m thinking about posting them here too…we’ll see.

So, on that note… I’m going to work on getting my pictures together of my layouts I’ve done so far for PL and get them posted here!



I filmed ONE video.. one.. and now I can’t find my memory card for my camera :/
I did finished Part 1 of 2014 Project Life (Weeks 1 – 26)

Here is the ONE video I filmed and posted to YouTube – Week 24:

I will work on getting pictures of ALL my layouts to post them on here :)
and buy another memory card soon (ugh!) so I can film again..


june 12

Today was the release day of the 2014/15 Erin Condren Life Planner! So many new features! I can’t wait to order mine, I will be waiting until October/November to get it for 2015. It will be my 4th Life Planner :) If you’d like to order one now, here’s a code for $10 off your order!

There are so many designs and colors to choose from! This year they came out with a Platinum edition (in addition to the Gold). I can’t decide which cover I’m going to get but another AWESOME addition is the interchangeable cover! So, I can order one… with an additional cover and switch them out when I want to have something different! Let me know if you have questions or want to see more pictures!

I’m almost all caught up with Project Life for 2014!! I have to print ONE, yes ONE, picture from June 1… last week’s and the current week’s pictures and I’ll be all caught up! S0, that being said…. I know the last layout was Week 5… We’re now on week… 24, i think?! I’m not sure if I’m going to post all 20 missing weeks.. Maybe I’ll start with the current week.. and then go back and add the others? We shall see…

I also want to start making videos of doing my weekly layout – i used to do a weekly decorating video for when I used a Filofax, but I realized taking ALL day to film and edit was too much. So, I’m going to figure out how to shorten the process and start posting them!