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Project Life: 2014; Week 5

Finally back and ready to get these layouts posted :)
Here is my week 5, I had an insert in this week which I used the BH Design 3 page for the 6×8 binders:

2014 week 5 left 2014 week 5 right

2014 week 5 insert front 2014 week 5 insert back


We got more snow, which is what most of the week shows, went to buffalo wild wings for dinner and got a picture of an awesome sunset – i had to drive to the top of the parking garage of one of the buildings in town center to get this lol then on the back of the insert page is from the Super Bowl party at the in-laws :) (Super Bowl insert card is from Little Lamm & Co. – she had the card on her FB page)



04/06/14 update

Just wanted to post an update since it’s been a while. I am almost caught up with Project Life! I have up to week 11 DONE and pictures have been taken so I will be working on getting those blog posts up this week(ish) I hope. Weeks 12-14 are almost done, all of the pictures are in and I just need to finish them up! I hope once I get caught up that it won’t be so hard to keep up with posting each week and staying with it. I only have a few more weeks of school and I don’t think I’m taking summer classes so I’ll have a little more free time for a few months. Have a great week!



update :)

So, we moved the weekend of the 15th and I’m still unpacking all of my stuff. After working all day and having school stuff to do, it really takes all of my time so I’ve only been left with some time at night and the weekends to unpack which hasn’t been a lot of time. So, I’m hoping everything will get completely unpacked and organized this weekend *fingers crossed*
My to-do list keeps growing and growing but as long as I can keep crossing things off I know things are getting done. With that said, I still have to finish week 5 (and post that…) and play catch up – that means printing pictures for about 4 weeks – luckily, I’ve been keeping notes of what I’m going to use for the weeks I haven’t been able to do PL so that’ll make it a little easier.

Hoping to get some things posted next week! :)


//edit: obv this didn’t happen. life has been getting in the way, although I’m trying to keep up with it and take pictures when I can!